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welcome to Indian Bizmen Association

Business Policy Forum

Forum for the interaction of Indian businessmen and acts as a conduit between the businessmen and Indian Governement

Exchange of ideas

Provides an opportunity for Indian bizmen to exchange ideas and creating opportunities for SMEs for their professional growth


Opportunity for members to develop the trade relations and expand network of contacts

About InBA

Indian Bizmen Association (InBA) is a non-profit association. The main aim of InBA is to increase trade relations between businessmen in India and abroad. It acts as a forum for the interaction of Indian businessmen and developing their network of contacts. InBA in the interest of its members providing them an opportunity for capitalizing the highly prospective Indian market and acts as a conduit between the Indian businessmen and Indian Government thereby.

InBA has a team of qualified professional experts for providing services to firms and companies in order to undertake various business operations and provide consultancy for the successful implementation of joint ventures and strategic alliance and to assist its members in legal, fiscal and custom issues.